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Welcome to Music Art Dance. Here you will find information and resources for schools, colleges, universities, centers, studios, clubs, classes and workshops that provide training and education in music, art, dance and theatre, for both children and adults. Find music, dance or preforming arts schools that provide excellence in the teaching of fine and performing arts will provide hands-on instruction and creative performance that will renew the adult’s artistic spirit and craft and rigorous formats for training young artists.

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Music Art Dance will help you find schools that are staffed with highly educated and experienced faculty that seek to inspire the creative muse in each of us. Many performing arts schools  offer numerous programs of instruction in the fine and performing arts for students of all ages including music programs in-group and private instruction settings.

Find schools that offer year-round class schedules, and that also offer a number of summer camps and mid-day lessons in both the performing and fine arts. Private Instrumental and Voice Lessons and Semi-private lessons are also offered in many schools and centers.

The Three Branches of Performing Arts

Music and Music Schools

Music as an academic discipline mainly focuses on two career paths, music performance (focused on the orchestra and the concert hall) and music education (training music teachers). Students learn to play instruments, but also study music theory, musicology, history of music and composition. In the liberal arts tradition, music is also used to broaden skills of non-musicians by teaching skills such as concentration and listening.

Theater and Theater Schools

Theatre or theater  is the branch of the performing arts concerned with acting out stories in front of an audience using combinations of speech, gesture, music, dance, sound and spectacle. In addition to the standard narrative dialogue style, theatre takes such forms as classical dance, opera, ballet, Illusion, mime, kabuki, mummers' plays, and pantomime.

Dance and Dance Schools

Dance generally refers to human movement either used as a form of expression or presented in a social, spiritual or performance setting. Dance is also used to describe methods of non-verbal communication between humans or animals, motion in inanimate objects, and certain musical forms or genres. Choreography is the art of making dances, and the person who does this is called a choreographer.

Find Performing Arts Schools, Music, Theatre and Dance Programs for:

  • Piano, Strings and Woodwinds
  • Voice Lessons  and Vocal Training
  • Chamber Music Ensemble
  • Music Theater Dance Education
  • Ballet, Jazz and Tap Classes
  • Musical Theatre Classes
  • Opera and Opera for Kids
  • Art Programs and Art Classes
  • Traditional and Modern Media
  • College Prep Programs and Art Majors
  • Early childhood Programs
  • Chamber Music Classes
  • Rhythmic Piano Classes
  • Rhythmic Piano Ensemble
  • Piano Group Class
  • Mozart and Bach Workshops
  • Musical Theatre Workshops

Find Art Classes, Art Workshops and Studios for:

  • Art Foundation, Art Masters and Art History
  • Portfolio Prep
  • Adult Painting and Drawing
  • Workshops and Studios
  • Young Artists Classes and Studios

Find Dance Classes, Dance Clubs and Dance Teams for:

  • Ballet Schools and Ballet Training
  • Pre-Ballet and Beginners Ballet
  • Musical Theater Dance Classes
  • Jazz / Tap Lessons

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